Tilting Disc Check Valves

Normally operating in the open position. But in the event of the loss of flow the valve will be automatically be closed by the actuator. Used for assisted closing for steam turbine protection.

Class range from class 150 to class 600. With 900 and 1500 manufactured to order in the past.

Sizes Manufactured
Size range to 800mm bore with the capacity to go larger if required.

Additional Information

Design Specification
Manufactured with an inside screw or outside screw, in sizes ranging from 15mm bore to 900mm bore.

Sealand Valves can accommodate most coating requirements. Contact our design office for further details

Service and Spares
With full traceability, we can identify a previously supplied valve and manufacture any spares from our existing records.
We also carry out a full refurbishment and testing service on customers valves.

We can design and manufacture valves and Trim in a wide range of alloys including cast iron, cast steel, bronze, super duplex, stainless steel, gunmetal, bronze, Monel
We can advise which materials are the most suitable for your installation requirements.

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Quality and Approvals

Sealand is ISO 9001:2015, approved company, the staff are P.E.D. trained. Sealand carries out testing on all its products, and witness testing and inspecting supervised by the customers nominated testing agency as and when required.

All materials are sourced from reputable suppliers with full documentation, test certificates and full traceability.